The Haunted House Always Wins…

Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada 1953, come see the newly opened Sands Hotel and Casino, see a show, roll some dice, and see a show! We guarantee that all rumors of hauntings in Las Vegas are greatly exaggerated! Marvel at this modern boom town, 100% safe, clean, ghost free and just maybe as lucky!

July 16, 1945 – The Day the World went Mad.

Men and Women still wonder just what happened that day, many blame the United States government, that they created some sort of super weapon to use in the war. But people of the government arn’t saying.

What is known is that on July, 16, 1945 the world went mad, reality broke and spirits began to roam the earth. Madness and chaos occurred in certain areas, all over the world, most centered on the state of New Mexico.


AETHER: Sin City

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