Professor Robert Brinks, Jr



Concept: Scholar, Teacher, Cad
Good Mode: Man of Letters
Fair Mode: Man About Town
Average Mode: Gentleman Athlete
Omega: Chip on His Shoulder



  • +4: Notice, Will


  • +4: Rapport
  • +3: Provoke, Empathy
  • +2: Deceive, Contacts


  • +3: Athletics
  • +2: Physique, Combat
  • +1: Vehicles


Little Black Book: +2 to know anything about beautiful women.
Lead-Lined Driving Gloves: +1 to Combat when unarmed, Weapon: 2
Linguist: Knows all Romance/European Languages, can spend a Fate Point to know any other for a scene
Light-Footed Boxer: +2 Athletics when dodging Unarmed, does not function against being slapped by women he has angered.
Lashing Tongue: Increase difficulty of Provoke-based opposition I create by +2.





Professor Robert Brinks, Jr. is a world-class cultural anthropologist, linguist, and all-around academic. He’s also a complete and utter cad. The combination of these traits has landed him in his current situation.

He grew up a privileged son of an old-money East Coast family, eventually attending Yale where he proved to be a consummate scholar and athlete. After finishing his Doctorate in Cultural Studies at age 23 he immediately landed himself a job teaching at UCLA. California, it seemed, was made for him. It had beautiful women, open roads to drive his flashy new car on, and was a nexus of scholarly communications and research. Unfortunately for his students, Professor Brinks proved to be a brutal grader, the sort that thinks all papers are supposed to be written at his level and regularly received visits from tearful young undergraduate women who needed to pass the class or be thrown out. Never missing an opportunity for his own gratification, he began to adjust these womens’ grades in return for certain “extracurricular” considerations. All was going well until he dallied with the daughter of the Californian governor and found himself stripped of his position and crushed beneath the weight of a massive lawsuit (as many of his former students came forward with their stories). In order to avoid jail-time he engineered a settlement, wherein he lost most of his wealth and would be paying the majority of his earnings to the young women for the next five years.

Destitute and unable to ever work for a major university again, he accepted the first offer that got him out of California. Joining the cough distinguished cough faculty of Las Vegas Community College, he now teaches the most basic of classes (as well as night citizenship classes) as an adjunct. He has been unable to afford an actual apartment for any length of time, relying most often on hotels and stints of a few days at a time spent cavorting with various women in and around Vegas when their husbands are away. He was on the verge of becoming a full-time male escort when one of his local drinking buddies, Lord Alan Bigsworth, let him in on his plan to form A.E.T.H.E.R. Their first case brought them together with the Ghost of Watson, and they have since managed to garner enough work to keep themselves from complete ruin.

Professor Robert Brinks, Jr

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